Meet the Maker: tasting & conference animated by Benoît De Coster

Conference incl 8 wines and delicious Organic buffet prepared by Brut Food


€85,00 per person



About this experience

Meet Benoît De Coster - oenologist at various domain - expert in biodynamic wines

Benoit is an amazing character! Every moment in his company is a pure moment of travel, laughter and passion. He has deep respect for the human and nature, and in our health based on a good immune system. Preventing instead of curing is the core of his philosophy. A real artist who inspired us years ago to have a totally different way of enjoying wines.

During this evening, Benoit De Coster will introduce us to the secrets of biodynamics, which is much more than a method; it is first and foremost a true philosophy of the expression of wine-growing terroirs. He will clearly explain the difference between "conventional" wines, "simply" organic wines, "biodynamic" wines and "natural" wines.
The tasting will focus on the main taste characteristics of great biodynamic wines from the most beautiful vineyards in Europe.
Benoit De Coster is an agricultural engineer, specialising in food chemistry. He also followed a year of oenology at the Bordeaux - Talence University. He is a wine merchant and distributor in Belgium and owner of Bodega Doña Paca in Spain. Benoît will bring us a selection of his favorite european wines. And with all these bottles, also some passionate stories of the wines houses where he was and is active...

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Benoît De Coster - oenologist at various domain - expert in biodynamic wines