So Rhumantic

Conference pear & Roasted cocoa bean

- Brussels / Belgium - -Rhum


The perfect combination of the fresh, fruity flavour of the pear and the rich, creamy texture of the cocoa.
It's a little nod to our beloved conference pear and our recognised expertise in the world of chocolate.
The conference pear is an emblematic agricultural fruit in our country. It is known and exported all over the world for its fine flavour and juicy, sweet flesh. This recipe is made with roasted cocoa beans from Madagascar.
This cocoa, recognised as one of the best in the world, accounts for just 0.4% of world production, making it an exceptional artisanal product.
Called 'Criollo', it reveals citrus flavours with fruity final notes reminiscent of raspberry or strawberry. With very little bitterness, it's a bean full of deliciousness.
On the nose: Fresh pear, dark chocolate, roasted, mirabelle plum, quince, strawberry, raspberry.
On the palate: a clean attack, with the freshness of the pear followed by the richness of the cocoa. Well-balanced mid-palate. Fresh almond, cocoa, red fruit.
Smooth, warm and fresh finish. Very long finish, with notes of chocolate and a slight cocoa bitterness.

Guadeloupe agricultural rum, conference pear (10.6%), sugar syrup, roasted cocoa beans from Madagascar

Bottle 0,70L - 30.0% alcool