Eskaepe - London Dry Gin - Ikigai (生き甲斐)

- Belgium / Belgium - -Spirits


The concept of Ikigai comes from Japan and can be roughly translated into “a reason for being”. The word ‘ikigai” in Japanese usually indicates the source of value in an individual’s life, or the different elements that make his life worthwhile. Each individual has a different ikigai, made up of the things that he holds dear, his values and his beliefs. It is quite spiritual, reflects who we are deeply inside, at peace with the world around us. In a sense, it is about being at the right place, at the right time, with all things going well for us. Like finding the true meaning of life.
In this Japanese tradition, Eskaepe Ikigai’s first nose note is that of the sakura flower, or Japanese cherry blossom, in high flowering – hand-picked in the few short weeks where the flowers are their most beautiful and aromatic, at their best. Its lower nose note is Yuzu lemon, citric and tangy. In the mouth the remaining 17 botanicals including Sichuan pepper provoke a floral explosion on the taste buds. So powerful indeed, that although Eskaepe Ikigai can be complemented with your favorite G&T mixers or in a summer cocktail, it can also be enjoyed pure, on ice.

Bottle 0,75L - 42.0% alcool