Liègin Cupidon



Made according to the recipe of the real "Bonbons à LièGin Cupidon is a new demonstration of love between two Liege artisans. This very sensual gin is to be savoured as a delicious and gourmet treat to be shared for two or more... With its fruity flavours of raspberries and red fruits and a subtle note of watermelon, it brings you the the sweetness and smoothness of the flowing heart of a cuberdon when succumb to the temptation and let yourself be by this limited and numbered edition of 7,300 bottles reserved for LièGin lovers. Let your heart speak for itself by writing a message to your loved one on the neck of this bottle. LièGin Cupid, is above all about sharing a moment of tenderness for two...

- 40.0% alcool

In order to bring out the full subtlety of this gin and to appreciate its full fragrance, accompany it with a neutral tonic such as a Mediterranean or Indian tonic. For those who love sweetness, dip a raspberry mini-cuberdon into the bottom of your glass to add a touch of fruity sweetness.

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