Gin workshop and tasting with Alessandro Di Sarno from Blue Scorpio Gin


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About this experience

Meet Alessandro Di Sarno - Founder of the Blue Scorpio Gin 

Who is behind Blue Scorpio Gin? It was designed by Alessandro Di Sarno, personal chef and caterer, and manager of the company Italian Taste, with the help of his wife, Alexandra Saraniero. The recipe was developed by master distiller Manu De Cort, from the famous Belgian distillery De Cort, in Pepingen.


During the pandemic and successive lockdowns, Alessandro found himself pondering creating an exceptional product that combined his culinary knowledge with his appreciation for authenticity and his passion for local products. This was the starting point for Blue Scorpio Gin. Alessandro met with master distiller Manu De Cort, and the two saw eye to eye on the project. Blue Scorpio Gin was first bottled at the end of December 2021, just in time for the end-of-year holidays.  

Why Blue Scorpio? This gin is more than a divine drink that tickles your taste buds. It is an homage to two men we lost far too early: a father and a father-in-law, both Scorpios, both mustachioed. The lemons come from the island where the former was born, and the wild sage from the mountain that was the latter’s favourite getaway. These are the two special ingredients that give Blue Scorpio Gin its incomparable flavour, as unforgettable as the two men to whom it is dedicated.

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Alessandro Di Sarno & the Chill Living Wine team ❤️