Meet the Maker: Olivia Quarles from wine domain Les Davids

Meet Olivia Quarles - Passionate brand ambassador of Les Davids


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Meet Olivia Quarles - Passionate brand ambassador of Domaine Les Davids 

When in 2000, Sophie Le Clercq, a Belgian by birth, realised her dream of land, her need to anchor herself and return to her roots, it was also the project of a land of viticulture and mixed farming on the edge of the Luberon mountains that took shape. 


Today, Les Davids is a mature estate, with the addition of the neighbouring land of Autet, a new large-scale project that allows it to add ten hectares of land for vines, surrounded by pine woods. A jewel of biodiversity, supported by both organic farming and an agroforestry project, protected from disease thanks to its bowl shape and wooded slopes, the estate also benefits from a microclimate with a dual Alpine and Mediterranean influence, giving it a unique quality.

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Olivia Quarles - Passionate wine ambassador - Les Davids