Wine Apprentice Cycle

September - November 2021: Become a wine apprentice in 5 sessions of 2hours!


€300,00 per person



About this experience

We are very happy to announce the launch of our first Wine Apprentice Cycle starting on September 16th and ending on November 11.

The wine apprentice cycle will be composed of 5 session of 2h each. The sessions will be a mix of theory (slides and documentation will be shared with the apprentice), and a tasting of 5 wines per session.

The price for the 5 sessions is 300euro, including:
- 6 Chill Living Wines tasting glasses
- the tasting of 5 wines during each session
- slides and teaching materials
- bread, crackers, olive oil, cheese...

Sessions language: Dutch & English (French sessions will be organised as a next cycle)

- September 16
- September 30
- October 14
- October 28
- November 11

Time: 6:30pm - 8:30 pm

Let’s have a look at the planning and the content of the sessions:

Session 1: Let’s understand the basics of winemaking
- introduction to winemaking techniques
- understand the difference between organic , biodynamic, natural…
- introduction to the notion of terroir
- introduction to the life cycle of the vines

Session 2: The magic of the wine universum
- understanding the labels and appellations
- wine and food: the perfect matching
- wine conservation
- the art of serving wine

Session 3: Let’s travel to Spain, Portugal, Italy
- understanding their terroir, regions and main grape variety
- tasting + discovering the winemakers of the wines

Session 4: La douce France
- regions and grape variety
- tasting + discovering the winemakers of the wines

Session 5: Cold regions and wines
- Germany, Switzerland, Österreich
- tasting + discovering the winemakers of the wines

Your Host

Host image

Béatrice co-founded Chill Living Wines with her life partner Pierre in 2020. She studied marketing and communication, worked as a tech entrepreneur for several years, but has always been passionate about healthy food and wine. Between 2009 and 2011, she studied Nutritherapy and Oenology, and practiced as a health coach in Belgium and Portugal, besides her role in the tech scene in Belgium.
Because it's not only the food we eat that will impact our health, it's also the pleasure of drinking wine made in respect with human and nature, that will give us a balanced health and energy level. That's why, with Chill Living Wines, Beatrice and Pierre want to make wine lovers discover their "coup-de-coeurs" in organic, biodynamic and natural wines.