Afterwork en Terrasse

- Brussels / Belgium - 2021 -White


Sunshine, freshness, flowery scents and friends from all over the world... all the conditions are there for a perfect afterwork on the terrace! Relax in a friendly atmosphere with this festive and welcoming wine.
The day is over, it's time for the Afterwork on the Terrace! The Sauvignon Gris and Verdejo form an explosive cocktail that oscillates between roundness and liveliness, capable of charming all palates.
Between lemon zest and pomelo, the bouquet of this Afterwork en Terrasse is fresh. This aromatic finesse gives way, on the palate, to a delicate balance between roundness and acidity. It is in turn full-bodied, delicate and light, with a beautiful saline note on the finish. One returns to it with undisguised pleasure.

Sauvignon gris, Verdejo

Serve it within 3 years for an aperitif or a convivial meal. It will be incredible with a generous platter of seafood or goat's cheese.

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