Origen Gin

Origen Altitude Gin

- / Belgium - -Gin


Origen Altitude Gin is an organic craft gin, with a limited batch of 2,500 numbered flacons. Everything throughout the process is handmade, handbottled and handlabelled
The aromatic base from Origen Altitude Gin features all organic natural flavours and is dominated by Helichrysum (also called Immortelle in French), a wild growing yellow flower with a powerful curry-like flavour growing in abundance in the Sierra Aitana in Spain which provides an intense and refined unique Mediterranean character. It is completed with a range of organic components like bergamot, coriander, angelica, cardamom, lavender, orange peel and cedrat, as well as with a bouquet of Mediterranean herbs like marjoram, thyme, savoury, rosemary and basil.

- 43.0% alcool

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