Ghost in a bottle

Ginetical Royal Gin

- Hoeilaart / Belgium - -Gin


The term 'Royal' refers to the name French speakers use for gale or 'myrica gale' in Latin, namely 'pimento royal'. This little fruit can be found in the region of Bosland, located between Lommel and Hechtel in Limburg. When Ludwig visited a gin distillery nearby, he came across the fruit for the first time. He was immediately sold!
In the Middle Ages, gale could be found in royal bouquets because the fruit gives off a wonderful aroma. At that time, the fruit was also the main ingredient of gruit, a mixture of spices used to brew beer when hops had not yet been discovered.
The Ginetical Royal Gin is a spicy gin. You taste hints of gale and Mediterranean spices such as bay leaf, anise and pepper. At the same time, there are subtle hints of fruit and honey.

Bottle 0,75L - 40.0% alcool