Ghost in a bottle

Ginetical Wooden Gin

- Hoeilaart / Belgium - -Gin


Like the Royal, this is a distilled Belgian gin with gale. The difference is the alcohol content, which is 43% here, and the maturation process. This is because this gin is aged in American whiskey barrels, more specifically bourbon barrels. The name 'Wooded' refers to the material from which the barrels are made.
At the time, gins aged in American whiskey barrels were unique. Thus, Ghost in a Bottle was the first to launch a Belgian aged gin. In 2018, it won the award of 'World's Best Matured Gin 2018' at the World Gin Awards in London for this gin.
The Ginetical Wooded Gin is a dark, complex and subtle gin. You will find soft notes of juniper and hints of cherries. The gin is an explosion of flavour and has a smooth finish.

Bottle 0,75L - 40.0% alcool

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