Les Pieds dans la Dyle

L'Appel à un ami

- Belgium / Belgium - 2021 -Red


How Pablo describes it...
"It is a sort of "orange de gris" from Alicante Nera (grey grenache), harvested and delivered in September 2021 by my old friend Olivier Paul (winemaker in Tuscany who needs no introduction). I had vinified it in two ways (half in carbo maceration and the other in destemmed and barely crushed) that I ended up blending. The result at 15.1° alc. seemed rather plump. So we didn't bother with conventions, especially the one that says wine is necessarily (only) grape, and decided to add 20% of a cider I had made with apples from Wavre gardens. Mission accomplished, as this wine, as well as rising to 13.3°alc, was delicately restrained.

The result? An out of the box UFO wine, on the borders of orange, rosé, red and white...? With a good little substance and amplitude, freshness and, in my opinion, a certain potential for ageing. Notes of citrus and spices, vanilla, thyme and wax, black cherry, plum. It should be served chilled. We can imagine it well with goat's cheese, oriental or even Asian dishes, vegetable dishes... "

80% Alicante nera, 20% cider

- 13.0% alcool