Chateau Climens

Les Cyprès de Climens - (Sauternes Barsac)

Barsac AOC - Bordeaux / France - 2016 -White

The estate's second wine, Cyprès de Climens, shares the same spirit of accomplishment as its illustrious elder, but is designed for more immediate pleasure.  It is the result of a second selection of blends, or even of the first one when it is not made from Climens, and benefits from the same care as this one until bottling. Its production is also irregular, even non-existent in certain years when nature is opposed to the production of sweet wines. Cyprès de Climens is the gourmet wine for aperitifs, good tables and epicureans. Its bouquet evokes white flowers, mint, lime blossom, citrus fruit, apricot and spices. Its gushing temperament gives it a fresh and suave springtime structure. Delightful and seductive, it reveals itself without detours, showing a graceful and youthful lightness.  It is a golden, slender and joyful perfume-wine, to be drunk at any time, each in its own way...


- 12.0% alcool