Aslanis Family Winery

Malagousia Nature

- Central Macedonia / Greece - 2022 -orange


The Aslanis family aims to encapsulate the essence of the oldest Malagousia vineyard in a bottle by employing a vinification method commonly used in ancient times.
Rejecting any treatment or addition of external products, this distinguished wine embodies a bold character and a refreshing tension. When allowed to breathe, it reveals its full depth and rich body, demonstrating the remarkable potential of Malagousia.
Though made from a white grape, this natural wine has a copper hue due to prolonged contact with the grape skins, giving it a character more akin to an "orange" wine. It has a delicate tannin profile and a complex bouquet that includes orange peel, dried apricots, quince, aromatic herbs, toasted almonds, white flowers, and jasmine. The palate is well-structured with vibrant acidity and a lengthy finish. Truly a remarkable find!


Moussaka, stuffed chicken roll with apricots, duck, shrimps with orange marmalade, aubergine with tahini sauce, moutabal, gratin dauphinois

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