So Rhumantic

Strawberry & Black Vanilla (Limited Edition)

- Brussels / Belgium - -Rhum


Here's a recipe for a trio of organic Belgian strawberries with organic black vanilla from Madagascar.

It's the perfect combination of three varieties of ORGANIC Belgian strawberries (Joly, Salsa and Rubis), combining the sweetness, acidity and sublime aroma that this star fruit of summer has to offer.

To refine the recipe and accompany this complex, gourmet fruit, we've added top-of-the-range Madagascar bourbon vanilla. This is black vanilla, also known as gourmet. The average pod is 20 cm long and contains a huge number of beans and a high level of vanillin.
Used by the greatest pastry chefs, black vanilla benefits from a longer maturing period, giving it an extra richness in the development of its aromas.
On the nose: Ripe strawberries, compote, vanilla, custard, raspberry.
On the palate: clean attack, first taste of strawberry compote followed by the perfectly balanced taste of vanilla, giving the recipe a fatty, pastry-like dimension. Finishes with notes of fresh cane and red fruit, a gourmet sensation and a slight acidity that soaks up your palate.

Guadeloupe agricultural rum, strawberry (14.2%), sugar syrup, black vanilla

Bottle 0,70L - 30.0% alcool