So Rhumantic

Victoria Pineapple & Passion Fruit

- Brussels / Belgium - -Rhum


Gold medallist at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2020 and the Concours International de Lyon and de Francfort 2021.

A beautiful alliance for an exciting story. The Victoria pineapple has decided to join forces with the passion fruit or maracuja from Vietnam, to create an aromatic palette that is both sweet and surprising. This rum, sweet at first, then reveals a hint of acidity that only passion fruit can bring.
Nose: Softer and more discreet than 'Pineapple', the finesse of passion fruit blends with the sweetness of pineapple. An intense nose of freshness, green mango and star fruit. To finish, the William pear perfumes the glass and leaves us wanting more.
Palate: The first taste is soft, round and warm. The light acidity of the passion fruit adds a joyful, airy dimension. Notes of pineapple, green mango and William pear give way to conference pear. The finish is clean, with a slight residue of bourbon vanilla that makes you want to have more.

Guadeloupe agricultural rum, sugar syrup, Victoria pineapple (10.6%), passion fruit (3.6%)

Bottle 0,70L - 30.0% alcool